Software update offers a multitude of new features

Building the best windows, doors and curtain walls becomes even easier: Orgadata has begun releasing the latest version of its LogiKal software. The update, called LogiKal 11.4, leads metalworkers as usual quickly and safely to their goal. But it makes the way there even more comfortable thanks to several new features.

"We have made the program more efficient in many aspects," emphasizes Alexander Benesch, head of Orgadata's product management. "Our developers have paid special attention to achieving a further increase in the quality and performance of the software - despite a significantly extended range of functions." The goal was to increase customer satisfaction and to offer the user more support.

The users of the software themselves are playing a major role in the development process. "Based on the evaluation of customer feedback, we were able to analyze many cases and make the right decisions for the future," emphasizes Benesch.

The innovative features offered by LogiKal 11.4 make work easier for the user in many ways. Here are a couple of examples: The geometries of the elements can be automatically adopted from other positions, externally monitored elements such as escape and panic doors can be created even more securely, and fittings can be defined even more precisely. For example, companies can create and set their own standards for fittings. This helps to save valuable time.

The design of quotations has been made more flexible, and it will be possible to store your own quotation texts as standard for many constructions.

Orgadata has also paid great attention to the topic of glass in order to make life easier for its customers: The handling of special glass has been simplified and databases for glass fall protection and glass railings - a popular element of modern architecture - are now available. The glass display has also been expanded. In this way, users of the software can explain the special features of their respective constructions to their customers even more quickly and accurately.

All these developments are aimed at making work even faster, safer and easier.