this is who we are

We are the inventors of Logikal. With our software we have opened the door to the digitisation of the window, door and curtain wall industry, and we are driving it further forward decisively - today and in the future.

The primary focus is always on the benefit for our customers and partners, for sustainable success. Our credo: Win together.

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alternative text Bernd Hillbrands, CEO
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industry experience for your business

In other words, modern skilled trades require digital tools which are not only future-proof, but also practical, technologically mature and with no frills.

Many of our nearly 600 colleagues have a background in the building sector and bring their experience to the table. Always in close exchange with our software developers, users and system providers - and of course with our customers.

the strength of an idea

In 1999, Bernd Hillbrands and Axel Giertz laid the groundwork in their East Frisian home Leer, focusing on identifying customer needs early on, creating the industry’s best software as innovative pioneers. The initial startup team was small-scale with five people: the two bosses, one experienced employee and two trainees.

The plan was to make the customers’ transition to a more digitised production process simple and economically feasible.

In order to achieve this the data of system suppliers was integrated into the software right from the start. Today, this flexibility is one of the reasons for users to choose Logikal. Instead of having to buy the software, users were offered to rent it. An approach that is taken for granted today.

In 2003, we created the link between the office and the shop floor for the first time:

Even since then, Logikal is used to control CNC machines directly, compatible with almost all common machines on the market today.

the principle of proximity

Looking back, we are very proud that an industry leader has emerged in the idyllic town of Leer in East Frisia. Staying close to our customers, listening carefully to what they need is our most important goal. To inspire them with solutions that make their work easier and their business fit for the future.

Today, more than 18,000 people around the globe already benefit from this approach. And we are there for you, too - at a location close to you.

first class atmosphere

Satisfied employees create strong products. Strong products make customers successful. We are convinced of this correlation. According to the motto: What is good for our employees is good for our customers.

A positive environment is the motivation for top performance. Good software is the result of creative minds. This creativity needs a space that inspires. Our offices are modern but comfortable and offer all the amenities.

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What can we do for you?

Am Nesseufer 14
26789 Leer, Germany
+49 491 927 827