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Turn data into your assistant

  • For windows, doors and façades
  • Providing CE-papers hassle-free
  • Easy maintenance and repairs
  • Quick and direct access to all documents

Now windows, doors and curtain walls are able to speak for themselves

Those who plan and produce with Logikal can easily handle a lot of data.
Now SimplyTag makes this data available directly on the element.

All information is easily accessible via a QR code with the SimplyTag app. 

The app is available for iOSAndroid and as a web app,
so can be used on all operating systems.

practical example: three simple steps in case of repair

The glass pane in a window breaks. In order to fix it a lot effort would usually have to be put into collecting all information
about the size and other properties of the window. SimplyTag makes all of this a lot easier.

scan qr code

Your customer scans the QR code on the window with the broken pane using a mobile phone. The free SimplyTag app will pass on all information to the window manufacturer.

Link with Logikal

As a window manufacturer, you will get all relevant data in an instant via your Logikal connection. Without the need to be on site or rummage through folders, you will know exactly which glass and components you will need.

satisfied customer

Due to your perfect preparatory work, you can easily install the right glass on site. Your customer will be very satisfied
with your quick and uncomplicated help.

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this is how you benefit from simplytaG

CE-marking: digital instead of printed

Digital instead of print – in keeping with this motto you can deliver the obligatory accompanying documents of your elements digitally and legally compliant. No more slips of paper, no more thick folders:

This will help reduce your administrative expense considerably. Discover the new joy of CE-marking.

someone holding a tablet

Comfortably paperless

Documents which are not legally required – such as installation drawings, maintenance letters or cable diagrams – are all digitally generated and archived as well.

Forget about time-consuming searches in old documents, you can easily find them with just a few clicks at any time.

QR code provides all information

In the future, you can attach a small QR code to windows, doors and façades. Using SimplyTag a scan of the code will let you know all there is to know about the element:

Size, glass, profile, colour, etc. – a huge advantage to you and your work on maintenance and repairs.

qr code
someone repairing a door

Direct line to your customers

Thanks to the advantages SimplyTag offers, you will be the only window manufacturer to have all necessary information about your windows and façades at hand.

This will generate trust and follow-up orders.


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