SimplyTag app for iOS

New in the App Store: the SimplyTag app

The SimplyTag proves its worth every day as a practical shortcut between window, door and curtain wall manufacturers and their customers. Apple users can now switch from the web app to the mobile app. The SimplyTag app is now available in the App Store and can be downloaded for free.

More than 400,000 tags already in use
The SimplyTag consists of the tag with QR code and the app. All information about the item is securely stored in the app and clearly assigned to the respective product. Whether CE certification, dimensions, work order or maintenance letter: As a window, door and curtain wall installer, you can link all relevant data directly from Logikal to the SimplyTag app. This data can be accessed directly on the element via the tag. Your customer can also contact you directly via the service area in the app. More than 400,000 tags are already in use and ensure new efficiency and strong customer loyalty. 

Readable with a mobile phone and hand scanner 
The SimplyTag QR code can be easily read with the QR scanner on your mobile phone or with a standard handheld scanner. The app is available for iOS, Android and as a web app, so can be used on all operating systems.

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