full control of your projects with logikal.

Process your orders swiftly, efficiently and with ease.

  • Logikal guides you and your employees reliably through the entire process.
  • All your employees know what to do.
  • Get a clear and complete status update of planning, production, and processing at any time.
  • Enable your employees to tackle complex projects and still sleep easy. 
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System selection and construction

Create all elements reliably and easily. Logikal constantly checks whether everything fits together.

  • Always have the right component ready at the right place.
  • Logikal reliably guides you through the entire process.
  • At each step, Logikal performs a plausibility check and verifies whether your construction fits together and is functional.

Planning is that easy and reliable – with Logikal

Take advantage of our database with over 700 suppliers for profiles, fittings and fixtures.

  • Select the suppliers that you need for your work.
  • Choose from over 7 million items by more than 700 providers for profiles, fittings, glasses, complete components, and fixtures.
  • Of course, our data developers make sure that the product data is up to date and of high quality at any time. 
"I'm Rouzbeh Vali and work in Data Development. My 160 colleagues and I integrate the component data of our – your – suppliers into Logikal. We ensure that technical data and prices are always up to date. We verify the accuracy of the component data, so that your constructions always work out."
Rouzbeh Vali
Database Developer at ORGADATA



Project Calculation

Pitch faster and more flexibly. It’s how you win tenders.

You have selected supplier and components? Logikal determines working hours automatically. At this stage it only takes a click of a button to calculate and offer.

  • Always having up-to-date component data und supplier prices at hand enables you to calculate faster and more accurately.
  • And since you are free to choose your suppliers, you can offer more flexibly and more competitively.
  • This makes your work a lot easier and increases your chances of winning tenders.
  • If you use ERP software, you can transfer your project data directly via the Logikal ERP interface.

That's how quickly your offer reaches your client – with Logikal.



Order Processing & Production Planning

Together with your client, you review the order once more. If required, for several planning versions.

  • With Logikal you can show different versions and also access previous ones.
  • At the click of a button, you can display cost overrun or reduction.
  • Again, Logikal continuously checks whether your designs fit together and technically make sense.
  • For example, you will be shown U-values and preliminary structural analyses.
"Work with your client. Now is the chance to work out and incorporate the true requirements of your customer. For you, this phase is a piece of cake, since Logikal supports you in all these steps. Again, with each planning step, Logikal calculates whether your construction is plausible, statically works and is in line with regulations. With this involvement of the customer and your expertise you can really get the project right."
Jörn Siemen
Product Manager for Logikal at Orgadata



Create construction and installation drawings quickly and easily.

Logikal CAD supports you in drawing foils, metal sheets, insulation and much more.

  • Within the CAD module you can use extensive drawing functions within Logikal.
  • Changes you make in CAD are automatically adopted within Logikal.
  • Easily connect external CAD programmes to Logikal via its integrated interface.
"CAD software must fit like a glove. That's why we have integrated all important functions in Logikal CAD to make your work easier. It’s also possible to connect your own CAD programmes such as AutoCAD, Athena or HiCAD and link 2D or 3D drawings to Logikal."
Johannes Watermann
Product Manager for Logikal CAD at Orgadata




Sharp’s the word! Ordering parts quickly is easy with Logikal

You already defined all dimensions and quantities of your elements in the planning and construction process within Logikal. Now all you have to do is order the parts from the suppliers of your choice. How does that work? Once again: essentially at the click of a button.

  • You can submit your orders immediately, sorted by supplier.
  • You can do this the classical way, e.g., by printout and fax or by sending a PDF via e-mail.
  • In some cases, you supplier will also provide the option to conveniently place your order from within Logikal using EOS (Electronic Order System).
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Order at the click of a button - it's that easy with Logikal




When you are ready, prepare your production with one click.

The documents and design drawings from the elements you entered are automatically exported and all machine control data is provided.

  • This saves you the hassle of having to enter the machine data manually.
  • You can build on a reliable, accurate and timesaving process.
  • Control all types of machines with Logikal offering all common machine file formats.

do you have any questions? that's what we're here for.

The setup of Logikal is really easy. We personally assist you every step of the way and train your employees until everything is running smoothly. Please give me a call and make an appointment!

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