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Software solutions for windows, doors and curtain walls  

Munich, 17 - 23 April, Hall C1, Booth 120 and Hall C5, Booth 240

see you at BAU 2023

The world's leading trade fair for the entire construction industry is back:
At BAU 2023, you will experience the most important digital tools for window, door and facade construction.
At Orgadata's industry get-together you will get to know the software Logikal
software and all the associated solutions - for your success today and tomorrow.

logikal: help throughout all steps of your project

Logikal is the industry’s number one software for an easy digitisation of your window, door and curtain wall production. From idea to finished element - Logikal supports you from installation and throughout all steps of your project.

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logikal mes: making production run smoothly

Perfect interaction between human, software and machine: the Logikal MES manufacturing control system optimises your work and production processes. All production steps are perfectly intertwined. No more paper trails, as production controls take care of themselves.

simplytag: access all information directly through the element

With our latest digital tools windows, doors and curtain walls will carry all necessary information about their own components. All data will be accessible to you quickly and conveniently via a QR code tag at the element and a password. This makes CE marking, maintenance and repairs significantly more efficient, saving time and building customer loyalty.

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bim: simplify collaboration with architects

Let's walk the path to the future of building together. With Logikal you can utilise the benefits of BIM (Building Information Modelling) for your window, door and curtain wall construction. Logikal’s BIM tool simplifies and improves your collaboration with architects.

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