Purchase of a software company builds strong connections

Orgadata takes over UNILINK / "Knowhow transfer for the benefit of the users"

The signatories to the contract, Bernd Hillbrands and Jan Vandyck, are convinced that their deal will bring the window, door and curtain wall construction industry even further forward. The software house Orgadata has bought the software house UNILINK, a transaction sealed by the two managing directors with their signatures.

Orgadata invented the software Logikal more than two decades ago. It supports the construction of windows, doors and curtain walls from the first step to the finished product. UNILINK is a 3D programming platform that can be used to directly control the CNC machines of all manufacturers in the window, door and curtain wall industry. The company has been successful on the market since 2004.

"The UNILINK software is an ideal link between window construction software solutions and the machines in production," says Orgadata CEO Bernd Hillbrands, who is excited about the fact that his company has been able to expand its spectrum once again. His new colleague Jan Vandyck emphasises the benefits on all sides: "We are bundling our competences in machine control and will be using the advancing expertise for the benefit of the users."

One of the greatest strengths of the UNILINK software is its ability to quickly set up the machines - with a maximum of two days according to industry experts. UNILINK thus enjoys a unique selling point: "The machines hardly come to a standstill," is how Hillbrands puts the benefit in a nutshell, emphasising that "the economic advantage is obvious".

UNILINK will remain an independent company. It will continue to operate as a subsidiary with four of its own international locations and dealers in several countries around the world. The team of around 20 will remain responsible for its own success and is set to being further expanded. Thus,
UNILINK will continue to be the ideal connection to machines with its high degree of operability for all window construction programmes. "Even those who use another software than Logikal will have a strong partner in UNILINK," says Hillbrands. "At the same time, Logikal will continue to work closely with other solutions in machine control." 

Incidentally, the direct control of the CNC machines considerably increases the operating cycles of the machines. This is due to the fact that there is no need for any further programming on the machines. The construction data determined with Logikal are transferred directly to the machines via UNILINK and other solutions and translated into machining commands, so to speak. Whatever profile, lock or fitting is chosen in the design - the machines will know where to cut, drill or mill. An excellent interplay between man, software and machine. In the future, this interaction will be optimised even further as a result of the cooperation between Orgadata and UNILINK.

Bernd Hillbrands (left) of Orgadata and Jan Vandyck of UNILINK seal the sale: UNILINK will become an independent subsidiary of Orgadata. Photo: Orgadata

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Andreas Meinders (PR - Orgadata)

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Jan Vandyck (UNILINK)