Press Release

ORGADATA at AusFenEx 2023 exhibtion

AusFenEx is back and so are we!

We are excited to be part of the latest edition of AusFenEx from 29 – 31 August in Benowa, Queensland.

The last couple of years have been challenging ones for everyone. Enthusiasm and dynamism inspired by the chances of digitalism got thwarted by inflation, the pandemic, scarcity of raw materials… you name it.

While we are still living in volatile times, a cautious sense of optimism has returned to the industry. Above all, there is an even stronger feeling than before that it is now or never when it comes to the need for future-proofing your own business. With Artificial Intelligence now an integral part of our daily lives, even the rest of us have come to realise that the future is digital. Data has become the currency of the future. Without it, there would be no such thing as AI. In our industry it helps us identify what our customers want, allows us to successfully advise them to make the right decisions for the future, and it enables us to realise the things customers want and need. And above all, it makes production faster, cheaper and more flexible. 

At Orgadata, “digital” has always been part of our DNA. Enabling customers to work with the biggest possible choice, using the easiest and most flexible tools has been at the heart of our business model from the very beginning. The quality and quantity of data – the currency of the future – has always been our most important competitive advantage. With our software Logikal at the core of successful production processes, we are offering metal construction workers a digital Swiss army knife which facilitates their daily routines, makes them more flexible and saves them money. Logikal is easy to use. It offers the industry’s biggest aluminum and steel database and interfaces to various software solutions commonly used within construction, making it easy for users to switch effortlessly between products and applications.

We would love to meet and show you, how Logikal can enhance your productivity. Or if you would just like to pop by for a chat and enjoy the atmosphere together, we are very much up for that, too.