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Window, door, and curtain wall manufacturers use LogiKal to plan and produce their products. LogiKal takes the user safely and efficiently through the entire process.

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LogiKal, the all-round solution in metal engineering.

Element input

The first step in LogiKal is entering elements. Using a sophisticated logic checking process during input, the program ensures that the creation of door, window and curtain wall items is easy, fast and reliable. LogiKal takes you through the entire process, offering you the right components and solutions at relevant points. Be prepared to enjoy working on your customer’s projects! 


LogiKal helps you create a quote instantly and determines the relevant costs of all elevations – even everything that is required for assembly and for physical connection to the building. Procurement costs are calculated by the software on the basis of optimized volumes, and working hours are based on the selected designs and components, etc.  


Just like in the estimation process, LogiKal offers full support within construction. A wide range of rules have been integrated, so that you can implement your clients’ requirements both quickly and safely. For example, the program can handle major demands on fittings, technically complex curtain wall fixtures and sophisticated wall connections that involve films, insulation, sheet metal and small parts. LogiKal helps you prepare an order down to the final detail and provides you with ingenious assistance to achieve your purpose. 


Should dimensions at the building site require changes, all the resulting modifications are immediately linked with a traceable history function. The different versions can then be compared at the push of a button.

Preliminary structural design

Are the selected sections of your design sufficient for the wind loads at the destination? Will the glass withstand the impact of wind pressure? These are questions you will receive optimum support from LogiKal. Based on the region and the installation venue, LogiKal will identify the right load impact and ensure the best possible economic dimensioning for each component.

Optimal determination of quantities

LogiKal automatically calculates the optimal quantities for your order. Profile cuttings are optimized based on delivery lengths, small parts are calculated as per packaging units, sheet or panel blanks can be arranged on available panel formats. The materials can be ordered directly from your suppliers, ideally electronically, and all information can be transferred to ERP systems for further processing. LogiKal blends in seamlessly and efficiently into your process chains.

Constructions with CAD

Construction and installation drawings must be prepared for almost every construction project. LogiKal offers highly efficient support here as well: No matter whether you draw with fully integrated LogiKal CAD or whether you feel more comfortable in your familiar CAD environment, LogiKal never lets you down. LogiKal CAD offers you a complete CAD system with extensive tools for creating your design drawings. Foils, sheet metal and insulation are only a small part of the various tools for drawing support for window, door and curtain wall construction. And in case you decide to work within your familiar CAD environment: LogiKal provides reliable interfaces which lets you access your CAD software from within LogiKal quickly and easily.

Production Planning

LogiKal automatically generates extensive documentation and constructional drawings from the element input for production. The profile machining for notches, connectors, fittings etc. is determined automatically and the corresponding data for CNC-controlled double miter saws and profile processing machines are made available on request. Hence, programming on the machines is completely unnecessary.

CNC machine control

LogiKal supports the control of almost all double miter saws and profile machining centers available on the market for the production of aluminium or plastic elements. LogiKal checks (if the machine provides the respective requirements) each process step in terms of correct profile position and possible collisions between work piece and tool. Thus, LogiKal ensures smooth machine processing and ideal processing of your orders.

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