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Orgadata offers you comprehensive Logikal online trainings. You can take part in them comfortably from your usual workplace or from your home office. Our experienced trainers train you on different topics, which we will individually tailor to you and your needs.

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Unlocking the full potential

Unlock the full potential of Logikal by attending one of our trainings,which are specifically tailored to your requirements.
Orgadata offers a number of training courses on how to get the best out of Logikal and supports you in all your needs.
Deepen your knowledge and discover new things. And if you prefer in-house trainings at your premises – no problem.

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Customized training

Whether it’s in a group or a one-on-one setting, we specialize in training that is geared entirely towards your needs.

Our instructors

Our instructors are experts in their field. Make use of our expertise with the best possible integration of Logikal into your operations and machinery.

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Basic Training: Part 1

Creating 2 Storefront Frames, Estimating Report, and Order Report.

Basic Training: Part 2

Deleting profiles from frames and creating knee walls.

Basic Training: Part 3

Building frames with a pitch and glass reports; glass/panel order report and shaped glass drawing report.

Basic Training: Part 4

Door Package Tool: Generating stand alone doors and inserting doors into a storefront elevation.

Basic Training: Part 5

Inserting a door into a storefront frame, creating a knee wall, and door-package order reports.

Curtain Wall Training: Part 1

Building curtain wall frames.

Curtain Wall Training: Part 2

Splicing and slab features. How to add dead load and wind load support.