Every year projects become more complicated, and skilled workers become harder to find. That means construction is becoming more and more challenging. In response, the most effective owners are turning to technology to help them bring projects to life on time and on budget. Owners are reducing risk and increasing profits by using technology to: 

  • optimize every step of preconstruction
  • use reports to take advantage of design-for-manufacture techniques
  • streamline project execution using modular construction
  • reduce risk of inaccuracies.  

Streamlining is the name of the game, and the best way to do that is gaining manufacturing equipment and using software to manage it.  

Software combats the skilled worker shortage all while decreasing costs for the company. Orgadata has found that with its LogiKal software they are able to improve accuracy while increasing efficiency. It is possible to accomplish more work with limited employees, and it is easy to integrate software into every aspect of your manufacturing with a very little learning curve. We have found that the average costs for LogiKal corresponds to less than 10 percent of the costs for an employee. Business operators report that after implementing technology, most notably LogiKal, they have saved 30 percent of the time just by handling the profiles at the machining center, also meaning its machine running time increases by 30 percent.
Turning an unskilled worker into a valuable member of your team is difficult, time consuming, and decreases other employees’ productivity in the process. The average employee takes about 90 days to integrate fully into a new job, but it only takes two weeks on average to train people to use LogiKal. By using software, it can easily convert an unskilled worker into a skilled worker. By giving the training over to Orgadata, they teach new employees about the time saving software, all while allowing current employees to keep freely working.  

Yes, construction is becoming more challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Changing with the times, adopting manufacturing equipment and software will help not only combat currant situations but push your company forward into a bigger future.