Our software developments are well-ahead

Who We Are

Orgadata is a software company located in Leer, Germany. 40 years ago we started out with a completely new idea: What if we digitized window, door and curtain wall construction? 

The Principle of Proximity

We strive for long-term partnerships with our customers. This is nothing special, but very sustainable. In doing so, we live the "principle of proximity". More than 450 Orgadata employees listen very carefully to what our customers and partners want. Your requirements become an integral part of our programs. LogiKal has become the industry's leading software for window, door and curtain wall construction and can be used in connection with all current profile systems.

We have tailored LogiKal exactly to the needs of our customers. With LogiKal, our customers combine the artisan flexibility of craftsmanship with efficient industrial thinking. Our software offers our customers precisely what they need on their path to digital transformation and we pride ourselves in supporting you in this. 

The Strength of an Idea

It all began with a simple idea which offered our customers economic advantages: Renting software instead of selling it. And to provide our customers with a tool that is always up to date and as cost-efficient as possible. In 1999, school friends Bernd Hillbrands and Axel Giertz founded a software company in their East Frisian hometown; the era of Orgadata AG began. The size of the Start-Up’s first team was small: It consisted of five people, including the two bosses and two trainees.

The target group of the software developers has remained the same over the years: progressive window, door and curtain wall manufacturers using technology to constantly improve their output. Orgadata's main goal has also remained unchanged: Making every day work easier for our customers.

From the very beginning, Orgadata integrated the data of window profile manufacturers into the software. Today, the variety of articles, such as those from profile and hardware manufacturers, is a trademark of LogiKal, offering window, door and curtain wall manufacturers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of suppliers.

2003 was the year we first installed a machine control system at a metal construction company. Ever since then, there has been a direct link between CNC machines and LogiKal, and the machines can be controlled through the software at the shop floor. At around the same time, our software was going overseas for the first time. Today, users worldwide benefit from our solutions. Currently over 18,000 licenses are in use.

First-class atmosphere

Motivation creates success

Satisfied employees create strong products. Strong products make customers successful. We are convinced of this chain of effects. According to our motto: What is good for our employees is good for our customers.

A good environment fosters top performance. We are committed to creating a positive working atmosphere and a good company culture. The modern and extraordinary working conditions we create contribute to our staff always seeing the value of what they do.

Good software developments need creative minds and unconventional thinkers. We give our employees the freedom to innovate. They use their scope to think, research, develop and are highly motivated to come up with the best IT solutions. Our customers ultimately benefit from this.


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