4/11/2019 -4/11/2019

CAD Basics

Maus & Mikro GbR
Volkertshofenerstr. 7
89284  Pfaffenhofen

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Who is this course for?
This training course is aimed at users who have already gathered some experience with LogiKal and who want to expand their knowledge of CAD and drawings. Engineers and project managers create drawings every single day. This training course gives you the tools for the confident mastery of drawings in LogiKal.

What does the course cover?
The focus of the training course is on mastering the various CAD drawing functions. You’ll learn about the interface of the program and the various tools it offers. You’ll also learn how to draw and modify free designs. Working together with your instructor, you’ll put all this into practice straightaway and produce your first drawings. You will receive structured guidance, e.g. on drawing wall connections, rotating parts and façade sections. The course also covers printing and print specifications, and you’ll receive clearly illustrated tips and tricks.

What kind of prior knowledge do you need?
This training course requires confidence in using LogiKal as well as knowledge of window, door and façade engineering.

What’s the purpose of this training course?
The aim of the CAD training course is to enable you to make efficient use of LogiKal CAD and to obtain productive results within a short period of time.

How many people can take part in this training course?
The max. number of participants on this course is 8.

The training course takes one day.

The course costs EUR 175 per person (incl. training materials and lunch, excl. travelling and accommodation) plus German VAT.

The course is held on the premises of Maus & Mikro GbR in Pfaffenhofen. Alternative dates and venues are also on offer.


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