4/9/2019 -4/10/2019

Basic Training Estimation / Construction

Maus & Mikro GbR
Volkertshofenerstr. 7
89284  Pfaffenhofen

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What does the LogiKal interface look like, and what can you do with each of its tools? Just one of the questions answered in the Costing & Design Initial Training Course.

Who is this course for?
This training course is aimed at cost estimators, designers, engineers and project managers: those wanting to work through their projects speedily and efficiently, who have found LogiKal to be the best tool for this purpose.

What does the course cover?
The course will enable you to use the basic features of LogiKal. You’ll learn about the interface of the program and the various tools it offers. You’ll also find out about the wide range of basic administrative settings and default profiles. Working together with your instructor, you’ll receive expert guidance in creating your first items in the element input function. You’ll also receive step-by-step instructions for using the various printout options.

Find out how to create entire cuts with just a few mouse clicks, and have a brief introduction to costing and costing data. We’ll show you how to conduct optimisations, e.g. offcut optimisation, with clearly illustrated tips and tricks.

What kind of prior knowledge do you need?
This training course requires a confident level of computer literacy as well as knowledge of window, door and façade engineering.

What’s the purpose of this training course?
By the end of the training you will be able to enter elements (i.e. windows, doors and façades), conduct costing, optimise and handle the most important printout options of LogiKal. Whatever you learn on the course can be quickly put into practise.

How many people can take part in this training course?
The maximum number of participants on this course is 10.

The training course takes two days.

The course costs EUR 350 per person (incl. training materials and lunch, excl. travelling and accommodation) plus German VAT.

The course is held on the premises of Maus & Mikro GbR in Pfaffenhofen. Alternative dates and venues are also on offer.


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