The unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak has taught a lot about our industry, primarily the importance of safety and flexibility when it comes to building a successful business. A strong asset for business owners when creating a flexible work structure that has shined throughout these difficult times is technology, specifically software.  

Software is the clear winner in terms of the long-term changes to the construction process that will emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Ninety percent of organizations surveyed carried on working from home, so perhaps it is unsurprising that 75 percent of respondents believe that from now on there will be increased use of collaboration technology.

As Chad Howden, design manager at Blackcomb Façade Technology a Raico Partner put it, “The technology enhancements we made four years ago made it possible for us to transition from working in the office to working remotely. Our selection process to partner with Orgadata was vital in attaining and achieving our continued growth and goals.”

It is true, technology in the construction world is in its infancy, with not a lot of business’s taking advantage of software like LogiKal. Nonetheless, software in construction will eventually generate usages and breakthroughs that we simply cannot conceive yet. However, it’s clear, now more than ever, that the time is right for the implementation of a real digital strategy in the window industry. The increased client expectations, and exceedingly complicated work structure, make it necessary to shift into using a reliable software. 

Digitalization is currently in a process of reinventing the construction industry, triggering an overall update from central construction, all the way down to facility management and operations services. Extensive information points are generated throughout the construction process and will hold tremendous value that needs to be captured, reported clearly, and shared efficiently. In addition, cost baselines are quickly evolving making competition even more intense, increasing the value in producing accurate and clear bids. 

Taking quick action, and aligning with the accelerating market pace, is essential to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid future setbacks. Orgadata is confidently supporting this transition, with options to combat any difficult situation that business owners may face both currently and for the future. Software for the future is available now, why wait when it’s possible to advance today?